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Nokia N9 16GB 3G Wifi GPS NFC GSM Unlocked MeeGo Touchscreen (Black)

Nokia N9 16GB 3G Wifi GPS NFC GSM Unlocked MeeGo Touchscreen (Black) MeeGo-Harmattan 1.2 OS Will be delivered straight to your door on September 23rd 2011 The Nokia N9 is the first MeeGo-powered smartphone from the Finns, and we certainly hope it won’t be the last because it’s actually a rather decent piece of kit. […]

Nokia Like ‘I will not need’ with Android

What do you do when you think the ship you are navigating is sinking? Do you go down with the ship like the guys on the Titantic, or do you look for a life raft? Well, despite all the warning signs that Nokia has been receiving over the past 2 years, they are going to […]

Nokia N9 specs leaked again – first MeeGo device?

Now, take this with a huge pinch of rumour salt, but the Nokia N9 has popped up once more with more information on prospective specs. A Twitter conversation between two authors of Nokia blogs has yielded some surprising (but curiously detailed) specs on the forthcoming Nokia N9, prompting speculation the phone is on its way. […]

Nokia Nuron 2 Canceled

I remember a time when Nokia sat on top of the world, when the Matrix phone was the hottest technology and I thought the 1.3 Megapixel camera on my Nokia 6682 was the greatest thing ever. Well, times have changed and Nokia has found itself in a position where they just can’t catch a break […]

Nokia Axes the X7 Smart Phone

Nokia announced it won’t put out their new planned X7 smart phone on AT&T, which causes additional setbacks for it as it looks to make its mark in the U.S. market. The Espoo, a company based in Finland will debut the X7, which works on Nokia’s Symbian operating system in its other markets. It may […]

AT&T Nix Nokia X7 in the US

Nokia’s X7 smartphone, basically a gaming-centric N8, has been spotted several times with AT&T branding but it seems that the carrier has decided to cancel the release of the phone in the US. The handset would have launched as the Journey in the States and companies were already preparing to make accessories for the handset. […]

Nokia N9: 5 Things We Want To See

The Nokia N9 looks set to be the next Nokia flagship, offering a state of the art OS, loads of great features and, if rumours are to be believed, a QWERTY keypad. Join us after the break to see the 5 things we’d like to see on the Nokia N9…

Nokia’s MeeGo versus Google’s Android: the battle of the operating systems

Nokia CEO pits Nokia MeeGo against Google Android Nokia’s MeeGo versus Google’s Android: the battle of the operating systems Nokia’s new chief executive has made the controversial decision to continue developing its in house operating systems MeeGo and Symbian rather than adopting Google’s Android operating system. Stephen Elop revealed that the major decision was made […]

AMD Joins MeeGo Mobile Software Platform

U.S.-based chipset maker Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD: 7.70 ,+0.08 ,+0.98%) said Monday it has joined the open-source MeeGo software platform project, teaming up with rival Intel Corp. (INTC: 21.42 ,-0.12 ,-0.58%) and Finnish handset maker Nokia Corp. (NOK: 10.36 ,+0.11 ,+1.07%), to boost its position in the market for next-generation mobile devices. MeeGo, which […]